MRI: An Image of Health Campaign

MRI: An Image of Health Campaign - Goal $650,000

Funds Raised 650,000 Dollars
Goal 650,000 Dollars
The MRI: Image of Health Campaign seeks to raise $650,000 to bring an new permanent MRI to East Kootenay Regional Hospital. 

What does an MRI do 
MRI has become a standard diagnostic test for patients experiencing central nervous system problems, brain or spinal conditions, and certain types of cancer or infections.
  • Stroke is a serious health problem for which MRI examinations can guide treatment by helping to identify the location and cause of bleeding within the brain.
  • Multiple sclerosis, a neurodegenerative disease, requires MRI evaluation to accurately diagnose, and ongoing MRI surveillance is used to determine treatment success.
  • Swelling of the spinal cord from compression or traumatic injury is a potentially life-threatening health problem that is only visible on MRI.
  • Primary soft tissue and bone tumors, rectal cancers, some gynecologic cancers, and some breast cancers (particularly in young women) require MRI evaluation in order to plan surgery and determine whether pre-surgical chemotherapy or radiation treatment is required. A delay in access to MRI examinations for these patients leads directly to delays in treatment.


Why do we need a permanent MRI: 
  • East Kootenay residents only have access to and MRI one week out of the month
  • Wait times range from 8-10 months
  • Urgent MRI’s are not always available
  • Patients face travel costs to access MRI services outside our region
  • Some patients opt for paying for and MRI outside our region
Who will benefit from a new permanent MRI
  • Every resident of the East Kootenay
  • Will attract highly qualified MRI technologists to our region
  • Will help to attract and retain new physicians to our region
What is an MRI: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is an imaging technique performed without radiation that is critical to the diagnosis of many medical conditions. The information gained from MRI examinations guides’ medical professionals in deciding on the best medical treatment and surgical plans to ensure optimal patient health outcomes. The fact that these exams do not require radiation makes an MRI an important alternative to a CT scan when imaging children and pregnant women, where exposure to radiation can negatively impact child development.