Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What will the $650,000 in EKFH’s capital campaign  fundraising cover?

A1. MRI equipment is approximately $3 million. Building and other  associated items such as computers, stretchers, chairs, monitoring  equipment approximately $5.3 million. EKFH will contribute to the  cost of the MRI equipment.

Q2. What is the provincial financial commitment to the new MRI?

A2. The Provincial Government has committed $2 million.

Q3: What is the local community financial commitment to the new MRI? 

A3: The Kootenay East Regional Hospital District Board is contributing $2 million. The remaining 1.3 million will come from community fundraising.

Q4. What benefit will the new MRI bring to East Kootenay patients?

A4. Currently East Kootenay Regional Hospital only has the Mobile  MRI on-site once every 4 weeks. A permanent MRI would mean: – Shorter scans – Reduced claustrophobia – Match level of care of new Intensive Care Unit at East Kootenay Regional Hospital – New technology allows for better images – better visualization of structures. – Fixed magnet would allow for easier recruitment of MRI trained technologists.

Q5. Why is an MRI now being added to the East Kootenay  Regional Hospital (EKRH)?

A5. BC Government has committed to increasing capacity of MRI exams for now and future. This will mean better access for East Kootenay area and the repatriation of patients that have historically gone to Alberta.

Q6. How much has MRI demand increased in recent years?

A6. Demand varies with ordering patterns and time of year. Wait times are the best indicator to gauge demand vs. performed exams. Current wait times range from 8-10 months. 2008-2009: 1153 exams 2015-2016: 1560 exams.

Q7. What are the current wait times for MRI service in the province? How do we compare provincially?

A7. BC has some of the longest wait times in Canada. Interior Health can range 22-52 weeks. EKRH is usually middle of that range 30-35 weeks.

Q8. Where are the other MRI’s in the province?

A8. Interior Health: Kamloops, Kelowna, Mobile – Penticton, Trail, Cranbrook. Island Health: Victoria (3), Nanaimo and one mobile unit that travels between Campbell River, the Comox Valley, Port Alberni and Duncan. Fraser Health: Abbotsford, Burnaby, New Westminster, White Rock and Surrey(2). Northern Health: Prince George. Vancouver Coastal Health: North Vancouver, Vancouver (2).

Q9. What will happen to the Mobile MRI unit?

A9. Currently, if a fixed MRI was to be installed at EKRH then the EKRH week could go to Trail or Penticton. These are the only sites that have facilities prepared to receive a mobile MRI.