17 Stars Lit ~ Fundraising Continues toward Final Goal

Submitted by EKFH on 15-01-2014 Cranbrook, BC – With the New Year upon us East Kootenay Foundation for Health is proud to share that it’s Starlite Campaign with a goal of supporting and strengthening health care initiatives made one of its first campaign goals.   The 6th annual campaign had two major goals –with the public’s help light all 17 stars and raise $150,000 to support community health care initiatives to improve and better address needs for communities throughout the East Kootenay.   On December 24 the first goal was met when the EKRH Starmakers lit the sky with 17 stars (and one surprise on top) along the roof line of the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.   The 17 stars represent either a designated gift of $5,000 or an accumulation of public donations.     “The early lighting of the stars is just an incredible testament to the commitment of many people, service clubs and organizations with a desire to support health care facilities in their community,” explains Donna Grainger, EKFH Executive Director.    Those graciously lighting up the stars before the holiday break are:   1.       Eagles Nest RV Resort 2.       Key City Old-timers Hockey Club 3.       Kimberley Dynamiters & Abreast in the Rockies Dragonboat Association 4.       Kimberley Health Care Auxiliary 5.       Kimberley Heath Care Auxiliary 6.       Kimberley Heath Care Auxiliary 7.       Kimberley Health Care Auxiliary 8.       Rocky Mountain Diesel & Autobody 9.       Rocky Mountain Diesel & Autobody 10.   Kootenay Savings Credit Union 11.   Kootenay Savings Credit Union 12.   Kootenay Savings Credit Union 13.   Kootenay Savings Credit Union 14.   RBC Foundation & Cranbrook Branch 15.   RBC Foundation & Cranbrook Branch 16.   Elk Valley Hospital Foundation 17.   Public Donations   In fact the response to the community focused Starlite Campaign has been so overwhelming that EKFH and its Starmakers are beginning to plan on how to expand the number of stars for lighting in the coming years.   An act of surprise done for the foundation now seems to have been a coincidence of recognizing the generosity of giving.   It seems the EKRH Starmakers had a plan of their own this year by building, lighting and erecting an extra large single star at the highest point on the roof at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.   The single star with its brilliant blue lighting could be seen from various areas of the town and beautifully symbolizes the overall focus of the Starlite Campaign. In hindsight, the surprise for the foundation is incredible but that star now stands for and represents all those accumulated gifts over and above those given to light the traditional 17 stars.   Thanks to so many who have invested in health care for their community, to the region and to EKFH’s mission the Starlite Campaign has received just over $122,000 in donations for various areas of care and health care facilities in the East Kootenay.   Seeing the stars shining brightly remind us that through your generous support you can help light a path for others. Every dollar counts.    The campaign has just over two weeks to reach its $150,000 fundraising goal. EKFH encourages you to make a gift at your local hospital or health care facility or donate on-line at www.ekfh.ca.

The Stars are lit!   (photo courtesy of Carrie Schafer – Through My Eyes Photography)