2015 Starlite Campaign Hits New Milestone – $266,670

Cranbrook, BC… EKFH’s 8th annual Starlite Campaign has come to a close with a remarkable outcome of $266,670 in donations.

The campaign’s goal was to raise $150,000 and to light 17 large stars and 24 small stars atop the East Kootenay Regional Hospital roofline. This year’s campaign is focused toward raising funds for regional and community health care programs dedicated to helping those with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory needs, and other health conditions. These programs also help those who may require assistance with chronic disease management, home nursing, in-home oxygen, wound, senior, pediatric and self-care.

Donna Grainger, EKFH Executive Director, “The outpouring of support across the East Kootenay and from other funding organizations in BC has been significant for this year’s Starlite Campaign. It is incredibly gratifying to see that this annual fundraiser is garnering support from every community which ultimately benefits hospitals and health care facilities and programs in the region.”

Since the November 26, 2015 campaign launch the foundation has released funding confirmations to purchase many items such as oxygen oximeters, aerochambers, vital signs monitors, tympanic ear thermometers, palliative care & acute slider sheets, blood pressure monitors, colonoscopes, cardiology stethoscopes, and much more. This is only possible due to the incredible generosity of people like you.

EKFH is completely reliant on charitable donations. When you make a charitable gift to EKFH it helps to sustain the important work we do. We sincerely appreciate all those for your generosity which makes a positive impact on people who are in need, as well as the larger community.

Over the past 8 years the Starlite Campaign has realized $973,984 in donations.

On behalf of all of us at EKFH thank you for being our stars and for supporting and strengthening health care initiatives in the East Kootenay. For more information on the work of the foundation like us on Facebook or visit us at www.ekfh.ca.

2015 Starlite Campaign
2015 Starlite Campaign