Denham Ford Puck Shoot benefits EKFH Breast Cancer Fund

Submitted by EKFH on 30-09-2011

Braydon Denham of Denham Ford sits comfortably behind the wheel of a beautiful brand new Ford F-150 while he and his team watch one of two lucky Kootenay ICE fans who had a chance to win the vehicle if their skills proved exceptional by putting 25 pucks into a hockey net within 30 seconds.

Unfortunately neither fan was able to sharp shoot into the net but the big winner of the charity night was the East Kootenay Foundation for Health who received over $3,700 for their breast cancer fund thanks to proceeds donated by ICE fans to the Denham Ford on-ice event.

Breast cancer is still the leading cause of death in women 40-55 years of age. But the good news is that breast cancer can be beaten especially when it is detected early. Watch for East Kootenay Foundation for Health’s announcement about its biggest fundraising campaign ever in support of early detection of breast cancer.

To help in the fight against breast cancer, visit, donate now.