Dynamiters & Dragonboat Paddlers Light a Star for Breast Cancer Care

Submitted by EKFH on 26-11-2013

Kimberley BC – What can only be touted as ‘stars’ aligning when the Kimberley Dynamiters Hockey Club, who play a sport on a frozen water in the winter, joined up with the summer paddlers from the Abreast in the Rockies Dragonboat Team to light a $5,000 star for EKFH’s Starlite Campaign.

The Kimberley Dynamiters recently hosted a fundraiser by auctioning off players’ one of kind jerseys in support of breast cancer. In return the Dynamiters’ fans did not disappoint and overwhelming got behind the team’s efforts with a total contribution of $3,000 for the cause.

When the Dynamiters realized what an impact the fundraiser had the next step was to decide where to donate the funds and the regional hospital foundation’s annual Starlite Campaign was an easy decision.

“After seeing the success of the digital mammography campaign by the foundation, we knew our donation could make a difference in the ongoing needs for anyone facing breast cancer,” shares Dynamiters President Dave Smith.

When EKFH learned of the gift it was an opportunity to find another supporter who could complement the Dynamiters and get behind the common cause. The Abreast in the Rockies Dragonboat Team was a natural fit as the group is made up of survivors and supporters from both Cranbrook and Kimberley. The paddlers took no time in approving a supporting $2,000 donation to the Dynamiters to show their appreciation for supporting any individual who receives a breast cancer diagnosis.

Together the two organizations will light the 3rd star of the Starlite Campaign with funds to be stewarded by EKFH for the oncology unit and breast cancer care.

To help light your own path for others, please consider a donation to the 2013 Starlite Campaign visit www.ekfh.ca to make a secured on-line gift.

Donna Grainger, Chad Koran, Tasha Johnston, Elva Keiver, Sandy Zeznik, Tootie Gripich, Peg Rokosh & Heather Morissette