EKFH Overwhelmed with $130,699 for Starlite Campaign

Submitted by EKFH on 31-01-2014 Cranbrook, BC… When the East Kootenay Foundation for Health launched its 6th annual Starlite Campaign the focus on fundraising was to support and strengthen health initiatives in the East Kootenay.   Now as the Campaign closes the unbelievable generosity of people living in the East Kootenay demonstrated their investment to the current and future community and regional health care needs with an accumulated gift total of $130,699.   “There are no words to express the gratitude for the resounding support of the Starlite Campaign and the overall mission of the foundation,” shares Chair Brian Clifford.    “It truly is a remarkable outcome and a definite benefit to health care in the area we serve.”   The stunning blue stars have become a holiday tradition at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.   This year the 17 roofline stars received a lighting refurbishment and the Campaign received a surprise arrival of a single, top of the roof star that pierced the darkness by helping light a path for others thanks to donors from every corner of the region.   The foundation’s work is to now start allocating Starlite and other stewarded funds for equipment purchases.   Thanks to EKFH donors the following areas of care are benefitting from the 2013 Starlite Campaign:   ·         EKFH’s General Unrestricted Fund:                          $35,330 ·         Abreast in the Rockies (Cancer Care):                     $8,200 ·         Cancer Care:                                                                      $10,110 ·         Cardiac Care:                                                                      $250 ·         Columbia House (Invermere):                                    $2,950 ·         Community Care Programs:                                        $10, 150 ·         Creston Hospital (Pediatrics)                                       $2,512 ·         Creston Hospital:                                                             $2,256 ·         Diagnostic Imaging/Radiology:                                   $550 ·         Dr F W Green Home (Cranbrook):                            $150 ·         Durand Manor (Golden):                                              $50 ·         Elk Valley :                                                                           $5,960 ·         Emergency Care (EKRH):                                               $225 ·         Golden Hospital:                                                              $3,295 ·         Intensive Care Unit (EKRH):                                         $20,000 ·         Invermere Hospital (Palliative):                                 $200 ·         Invermere Hospital:                                                        $22,781 ·         Invermere Hospital (Emergency):                             $1,000 ·         Kimberley Special Care Home:                                   $1,175 ·         Palliative Care (EKRH):                                                   $505 ·         Pediatrics:                                                                           $2,600 ·         Renal Dialysis:                                                                    $300 ·         Spiritual Care:                                                                    $50 ·         Swan Valley Lodge (Creston):                                     $100 TOTAL:                  $130,699    The foundation has already released funding confirmations for a Kids ECG Simpad for the Golden Hospital, a trauma stretcher for the Sparwood Health Center, and dental equipment for Invermere’s Columbia House.   The Starlite Campaign was initiated to help find a way to support community health care initiatives to improve and better address needs for community and regional health care.   The passion and desire of the public to support that effort was never more evident as the 2013 Starlite Campaign ends with a record setting result over $25,000 from its last highest achievement in 2012.   At the closing of this year’s Campaign and since the Starlite launch in 2008 your generous donations of $535,249 has remained in the East Kootenays to fund essential health care equipment and patient comforts in facilities throughout the region.   East Kootenay Foundation for Health thanks you for your investment to your community, to the region and for your continued support of its mission.