EVHF & EKFH Join Together for Sparwood Health Center


Photo details: L-R: Donna Grainger (EKFH), Dr. Sheri Bentley, Catherine Coombs, Janice Talarico and Leala Tomlinson of Interior Health and Aysha Haines (EVHF).

Sparwood, BC…    There’s something beautiful when like-minded organizations get together to celebrate something wonderful.  This is what happened recently when representatives from the Elk Valley Hospital Foundation and East Kootenay Foundation for Health (EKFH) joined together to celebrate the arrival of several pieces of medical equipment a phlebotomy chair and vital signs monitor for the Sparwood Health Center.

The two foundations, although independent of each other, have over the past four years been working quietly behind the scenes to build on opportunities to work together on various aspects of the organizations in servicing the needs in the Elk Valley.

The Elk Valley Hospital Foundation has provided over a decade of service to the communities of Elkford, Sparwood and Fernie for its hospital/s and health care centers.   As changes in the delivery of health care have changed so has the role of EVHF.  “The Elk Valley Hospital Foundation is thrilled to be working with the East Kootenay Foundation for Health to meet the needs of the Elk Valley and all its residents,” explains Aysha Haynes of the Elk Valley Hospital Foundation.

For EKFH growth has become an intricate part of the overall foundation’s mission to provide funding to the East Kootenay Regional Hospital and other community facilities in complementing the needs of the region.   Over the past ten years EKFH has seen an increase in community and public donations for all areas of care in the East Kootenay resulting in the foundation expanding its donor management system to a much more sophisticated process.

This management system and the ability to record, track and release donations has resulted in the Elk Valley Hospital Foundation referring new donations to be stewarded through EKFH whether donations are slated for Sparwood, Elkford, Fernie or the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

Both foundations work closely with Interior Health to ensure that all equipment, program and educational requests receive the necessary approvals (priority needs, operating, tithe and maintenance costs) prior to funding review and consideration.

EVHF & EKFH are proud to be in partnership to support health care in the area.   If you are interested in learning more about EKFH or would like arrange for a presentation call toll-free at 1-877-489-6481.