Heartwarming Starlite Gift In Memory of Former Nurse Jane Green

Cranbrook, BC… The four loving sisters of former East Kootenay Regional Hospital Nurse, Jane Green, gave a beautiful Starlite gift in memory of their sister. The sisters currently live in 3 different countries, coming together to honour their sister with a legacy gift to healthcare in the East Kootenay by supporting the MRI: An Image of Health Campaign.


In Memory of our sister, Jane Green – Separated by continents in life but forever joined in spirit.


The sisters were born of British parents in Argentina.  In 1949, due to the political unrest in Argentina, the family returned to England.  For most of their time in England they lived in the university town of Cambridge.  Their lives together were relatively short, as around 1970 Jane and Ruth moved to Canada.  Not long after, Ann moved to Australia and Malena joined her sisters in Canada.  Elizabeth is the only sister to remain in England.  Getting all the sisters together was challenging although they did meet individually over the years.  The last time they were all together was at the wedding of Malena’s son in Ottawa in 2005.

Jane started her nursing career in London, England, qualifying as a nurse and midwife.  She continued nursing throughout most of her life ending her long career at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital where she was subsequently a patient, receiving much kindness and care during her frequent sojourns and her final hours.  Although physically tiny, Jane was a mountain of strength and determination. She fought tirelessly for the rights of physically handicapped children and was instrumental in having the fastest bill ever to pass in the BC Legislature, ensuring physically handicapped children did not lose their government funding if they were accepted by a university or college.

Jane is survived by her children Rebecca, Christopher, Georgina and Jeremy, her seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Photo Details: Malena Abel, Elizabeth Moloney, Ann Dorreen, Jane Green and Ruth Howells.

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