Kootenay Orchards Grade 6 Class Project Brings $345 for ICU

Submitted by EKFH on 13-02-2015

Cranbrook, BC…. In the spirit of giving to others, the Grade 6 students of Kootenay Orchards, along with Mrs. Deibert from Parkland were involved in designing and building birdhouses in order to raise money to help others.

The Kootenay Orchards students sold their projects and are donating the $344.55 raised to EKFH who is currently undertaking a one million fundraising campaign for equipment for the new ICU unit currently under construction at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

EKFH Executive Director Donna Grainger had a chance to stop in with the class to accept the gift. While there Donna had a chance to ask the students a few questions about the overall experience in supporting the hospital. It was a flurry of responses from the students with words like good, fun, exciting and we would do it again.

Teacher Carol Potter also shared that the class put a lot of thought into where the money would be donated to; so much so that the students even requested that even though the birdhouse project completed in December not to present it to the charity until the New Year so that their story wouldn’t get lost in the holiday rush.

This gift has a strong meaning and shows us that you are never too young to make a choice in giving back.

Your ICU needs you… please join the efforts of the Kootenay Orchards Class in bringing the best in medical technology to the regional hospital ICU. To make a donation please visit www.ekfh.ca.

Details: Donna Grainger (back row center) is honoured with a gift for ICU from the Grade 6 class at Kootenay Orchards