Leaving His Mark: A Grateful Patient Gives Back to EKRH

Cranbrook, BC…Life – it can be filled with unexpected trials and astounding miracles. Yet those who are touched by both circumstances simultaneously, and then use their experiences to benefit others, are few and far between. Don Hampton is an example of such people.

Mr. Hampton, Carpentry Instructor at COTR, wanted to do something special to Handcrafted Cradlegive back to the Hospital that helped him, his family and friends, through the most challenging times of their lives. With that in mind, Mr. Hampton started conceptualizing an idea for a fundraiser to benefit EKRH.

Instead of writing a thank you note or a similar gesture, Mr. Hampton was inspired by a large standing dead fir tree he came across during a hike.  He realized immediately that this was not ordinary wood, this fir had character like he had never seen – hit by lightning, scarred by forest fire at least twice, drought, bad and good years were all very evident.  Mr. Hampton having worked with wood all of his life knew this tree was something special and that the wood should be more than just firewood.  From this tree, Mr. Hampton not only embarked on a journey to create something beautiful for his family, he knew this would be a wonderful opportunity to pay thanks to the staff at EKRH – the idea of a handcrafted cradle came to life.

EKFH will be auctioning off the beautifully handcrafted cradle.  You will have an opportunity to place your bid at the October 10th Farmer’s Market and if you are unable to make it that day, the handcrafted cradle will be on display at the Tamarack Centre late afternoon on October 10th until mall closing on October 24th.

“I feel good about making this gift, and even smile when I think about it. Please join me in this show of appreciation and give what you can.  The proceeds from this sealed bid auction and any donations received will be used for EKFH’s greatest areas of need which in turn will support EKRH,” stated Mr. Hampton.  “I would like to give special thanks to the COTR for donating all of the materials for creating the enclosure that is currently protecting the cradle – their support of this fundraiser has been greatly appreciated. “

“Mr. Hampton’s passion and dedication to giving back to the staff and institution that has served him, his family and friends well over the years, is truly admirable. We deeply appreciate all he’s done,” said Patricia Whalen, Assistant Executive Director, EKFH.

Every week EKFH has people who make a decision to pay it forward, to make a philanthropic gift to EKFH, to help us provide better care and better equipment for the region and there are many ways in which you can support EKFH.  Ways to give: monthly giving, leave a legacy, gift in honour or memory, recognition, plan an event or give a holiday gift.  Your donation can go to the cause or region of your choice. You can choose whether your funds go to Golden, Elk Valley, Cranbrook, Creston, Kimberley or Columbia Valley. Or you can choose whether your funds go to obstetrics, cancer, psychiatry or any other department.

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