Personal Windfall leads to $10,000 Gift for Workplace

Submitted by EKFH on 02-10-2014

Cranbrook, BC… When Danielle St. Jean of Cranbrook received a call from Bree Protasiewich, Manager of Cranbrook Mitsubishi advising her that she had just won $10,000 as part of an August promotion by the company she was overjoyed. However it was the second part of the surprise phone call that is the story.

In addition to her personal windfall, Cranbrook Mitsubishi also presented Danielle with a second cheque of $10,000 for a charity of her choice. Her decision didn’t take long as Danielle selected East Kootenay Foundation for Health and the foundation’s ability to steward the gift for the East Kootenay Regional Hospital Psychiatry Unit where Danielle works.

“What an incredible act of giving,” shares Donna Grainger, EKFH Executive Director. “Danielle’s choice to support the psychiatry unit where she is a Unit Clerk is remarkable. It shows the compassion she has for those she works with and works on behalf of.”

EKFH will steward the $10,000 donation for the Psychiatry Unit Recreation Department. Managers and staff have brought forward several ideas and a decision of where the funding will be allocated will be completed shortly. The most important thing is that all the ideas are patient focused and no matter which idea and plan is selected it will have a great impact on the quality of service provided on the unit.

Cranbrook Mitsubishi and Danielle St. Jean sharing community spirit with others. To learn more about the many funds that the East Kootenay Foundation for Health stewards visit

Photo details: A very happy Danielle St. Jean (center) receives $20,000 from Cranbrook Mitsubishi’s Bree Protasiewich.