RMD Celebrates Arrival of Starlite Campaign Equipment

Submitted by EKFH on 16-06-2014

Cranbrook, BC… Rocky Mountain Diesel & Autobody’s Chris Thom couldn’t have been any happier when he stopped by the East Kootenay Regional Hospital physiotherapy department to welcome the arrival of a very special piece of equipment.

Chris and his family have been long time supporters of East Kootenay Foundation for Health and its annual Starlite Campaign. For last year’s campaign they asked EKFH if there was a piece of equipment that would really benefit patients and fall prevention. With help from Carla Kelsch of Interior Health’s Physiotherapy Department a unique piece of equipment called a Neurogym™ Bungee Mobility Trainer was sourced and this past week Chris was invited to come and see it in action.

The Neurogym™ Bungee Mobility Trainer is a versatile body and weight support mechanism enabling safe, intensive retraining. The trainer enables more realistic safe practice of gait, and most importantly, the protective reactions to necessary to prevent falls.

Bungee cords provide safe and graduated support, while the seat follows the body around two different axes, allowing natural movement. The base of the walker can be widened to enable mobility in all directions. High forearm supports can be added for users with weak trunk and upper extremities.

The trainer is the first of its kind in the Interior Health East Kootenay Region and was presented as a surprise by Carla to the physiotherapy team including gift wrapping and bows.

Shannon Ryley, physiotherapist and a member of the Mary Pack Arthritis Team at EKRH shares, “There are no words that can adequately describe the freedom this piece of equipment can give some of our patients. Patients who suffer from various forms of arthritis are one of the groups of people who will find this equipment valuable.”

This is one of two pieces of equipment the $10,000 gift from Rocky Mountain Diesel has purchased with funding from the 2013 Starlite Campaign. The second piece includes RMD’s partial funding toward the purchase of a $17,000 clinical diagnostic audiometer for the East Kootenay Speech Therapy Program.

EKFH’s Starlite Campaign is focused on supporting and strengthening health care in communities and the region. The annual tradition of fundraising and lighting stars atop the regional hospital will return in November 2014.

L-R:  Shawndelle, Shannon, Jessica, Andrew, Karen, Erin, Louanne & Chris Thom, RMD