Starlite Donations Soar $170,087 for ICU & More

Submitted by EKFH on 30-01-2015

Cranbrook, BC… An incredible outpouring of generosity from donors throughout the East Kootenay has taken EKFH’s Starlite Campaign to new heights.

The 7th annual Starlite Campaign began at the end of November with a goal of raising $150,000 and lighting 17 large and 24 small stars atop the East Kootenay Regional Hospital’s roofline. Donors were encouraged to make a donation in support of their local hospital or health care facility or to join EKFH in its $1,000,000 fundraising campaign for equipment for the East Kootenay Regional Hospital’s ICU redevelopment project.

What happened next is truly magical; not only was EKFH able to light all the stars before the middle of January but the outpouring of generosity by many brought donations to an all-time record high of $170,087.

Through your generous donations these facilities and program will benefit from the 2014 Starlite Campaign:

  • ICU Redevelopment $121,300
  • General $446
  • Arthritis $ 50
  • Cancer $10,821
  • Spiritual Carr $40
  • Pediatric $200
  • Columbia House Invermere $450
  • Diabetes $2,000
  • Emergency Care $100
  • Green Home $275
  • Psych/Mental Health $1,000
  • Physio/OT $100
  • Swan Valley Creston $50
  • Community programs $100
  • Golden $125
  • Surgical $5,000
  • Surgical Training $15,000
  • Invermere $1,120
  • Creston Hospital $2,780
  • Creston Palliative $205
  • Orthopaedic $7,000
  • Elk Valley $775
  • Kimberley Special Care $1,150

The 17 large stars shine in honour of the:

  • Kimberley Health Care Auxiliary (4)
  • Regional/Community Donations (4)
  •  RBC Royal Bank (3)
  • Anonymous Surgical Training Donor (1)
  • BMO Bank of Montreal (1)
  • Eagle Nest RV Resort (1)
  • Kootenay Savings Credit Union(1)
  • Rocky Mountain Diesel & Collision (1)
  • Taylor Adams (1)

The 24 small stars shine in honour of the:

  • Kimberley Health Care Auxiliary (8)
  • Regional/Community Donations (6)
  • Anonymous Surgical Training Donor (4)
  • Rocky Mountain Diesel (2)
  • Henry & Josephine Gay Swan Valley Lodge (2)
  • Anonymous Donation ICU (1)
  • Grateful Patient Surgical (1)

The Starlite Campaign is EKFH’s signature fundraising event that helps support and strengthens health initiatives in the East Kootenay. EKFH is a leader in publically supported health care fund raising; practicing responsible allocation of funds that ensure your money is going where it is needed most.

EKFH wishes to thank the public for its generous donations and commitment to the quality of health care in the region.

The foundation also wishes to recognize the contributions of the EKRH Starmakers (Norbert, Laine, Lorne, Dave, Gerald, Doug, Chris, Craig, Stacey and David), EKFH Starmakers (Russ Colombo & Lorne Dupuis), Wilkinson Steel (Bill Becking), EB Horsman (Jim Amy) and Western Roofing Master Roofers Ltd (Marty Vandermaaten) for their dedication in keeping the stars shining.

The stars may have dimmed but the work of your foundation continues. EKFH’s major focus for the next 15 months will continue on fundraising for the ICU Redevelopment Project. Donations are gratefully accepted at To learn more about the ICU redevelopment project, to schedule a presentation or a visit from EKFH please contact Donna Grainger, Executive Director at 1-877-489-6481.

Photo compliments of Chad St. Pierre