Taylor Adams Starlite Gift from Breast Cancer Society of Canada

Submitted by EKFH on 05-12-2014

Cranbrook, BC. – As the highest grossing fundraisers for the Breast Cancer Society of Canada’s national event, Dress for the Cause, the staff of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants were awarded with a $5000.00 donation in their name to the local cancer treatment centre of their choice.

Dress for the Cause is an annual fundraiser held by the Breast Cancer Society of Canada during October’s breast cancer awareness month. Workplaces all across Canada are asked to dress down, dress in pink, and donate to breast cancer research. Staff members host fundraisers such as bake sales, head shaves, and BBQs to raise money for breast cancer research in Canada.

Raising more than $13,000.00, the staff of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants have made a very significant contribution to Dress for the Cause which expects to raise approximately $750,000.00 among the thousands of Canadian workplaces participating.

Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants chose to direct their $5000.00 award to the East Kootenay Regional Hospital Oncology Fund. The oncology unit is a regional center serving the communities of Cranbrook, Kimberley, the Elk Valley, the Columbia Valley, Creston and Golden.
“This gift is an incredible gift of support for anyone receiving a cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment. This gift will definitely impact the lives of others and just like the passion shown in the Dress for the Cause its allocation to our foundation is extremely humbling. Our foundation is currently stewarding funds for an enhancement of the oncology unit over the next several years,” explains Donna Grainger, Executive Director of the East Kootenay Foundation for Health.
“We were very happy and shocked from the response we got from the fundraising. The generosity of our friends, family and those in the community was just overwhelming. The whole event was a lot of fun and everyone in the office really enjoyed taking part in it,” explains Mike Adams, partner at Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants.

“I chose to participate in the Dress for the Cause campaign as I have watched too many of my family and friends battle this disease and would like to see a cure found to end breast cancer. I am proud to be part of the Taylor Adams team and very grateful for my family and friend who supported me with raising funds for this cause,” explains Penny Coyle of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants.

“I’m proud to be a member of this team and having seen so many people that are affected by this disease we can hope that every dollar we raised can bring us one step closer to a cure,” states Brenda Wolfram of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants.

“My husband received chemotherapy treatment from the Cranbrook Oncology Unit from May to October of this year. This donation means a lot to us because we have seen that there is a great need for improvements to help make the unit more comfortable for the medical staff and the patients coping with all types of cancer,” states Kim Wood, employee of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants.

A team approach to fighting breast cancer is a vision that Marsha Davidson, Executive Director of the Breast Cancer Society of Canada, promotes. She states, “The Breast Cancer Society of Canada is proud to fund new ideas and new solutions. We exist to save lives and we could not achieve this without help from dedicated and generous people across Canada like the employees of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants.”

Staff of Taylor Adams Chartered Accountants participating in their Dress for the Cause fundraiser.