TELUS Gives Where they Live – $46,800 to A Clear View

Submitted by EKFH on 01-08-2012

Cranbrook, BC – TELUS, its team members and its customers, through its Phones for Good program, raised $46,800 in support of East Kootenay Foundation for Health’s A Clear View ~ digital mammography campaign.

“TELUS, their employees and especially the TELUS Community Ambassadors continue to be a major supporter of EKFH and health care facilities in all communities of the East Kootenay. This contribution to our A Clear View campaign is tremendous and we truly are grateful,” explained EKFH’s Donna Grainger.

The TELUS team serving Cranbrook brought their support for the digital mammography campaign, with a donation of $100 for every new TELUS Smartphone activated in the community of Cranbrook for the last six months which made great things happen for EKFH.

EKFH has been working with TELUS throughout the digital mammography campaign and this contribution brings the fundraising total to just over $836,000. This major gift by TELUS is undoubtedly moving the project further ahead and demonstrates how these types of corporate investment gifts combined with public donations make the reality of bringing the best in breast cancer care to the region truly possible.

At TELUS, they believe that in order to do well in business, they must do ‘good’ in the communities where they live, work and serve. The organization’s philosophy – we give where we live – is about TELUS and its team members sharing their generosity of spirit to make a meaningful difference in local communities.

“This campaign in support of A Clear View not only quenched our customers’ thirst for new technology, but we were also able to support a vital initiative in our community,” said James Letcher, East Kootenays TELUS manager. “On behalf of TELUS and our team members, we are thrilled this gift to the East Kootenay Foundation for Health will help get us one step closer to creating a future without breast cancer.”

In this era of social awareness, consumers choose to make purchasing decisions and support businesses that contribute to the health and well-being of their local communities. Through its community giving programs, TELUS offers its customers product and service options that directly benefit local charities. So, when customers choose TELUS, they are choosing to make a positive difference in their own backyard. In essence, every TELUS customer gives where they live.

The A Clear View campaign has 83% of its pledges and donations to meet the 2-year, $1,000,000 fundraising goal. With several events over the summer and continued support from the public, EKFH is aiming to meet the goal ahead of schedule and has set its sight on completing the campaign in October 2012 – Breast Cancer Month.

To make history we need your help, to make a donation visit our secured website at

Back row: Doreen Hockley, Doreen Rosberg, Pat Wheeler, Sam Cowan (EKFH), James Letcher, Rory Bruce, Ed Thouret, SeanDowney, Frank Mungiello, Jim Dalzell

Front row: Betty Belding, Jeanette Oddy, Linda Berukoff (EKFH), Sandy Hunter, Marnie Peet, Pat Mulholland, Dale Solaczek, Connie & Les Radcliffe, Chris Wieczorek, Spunk Oddy, Edith & Ray Leclair

(missing from photo Charlene Rothwell, Dave Cumming, Bud & Jean Lees, Eva Schafer)