The Creston Heart Project

Submitted by EKFH on 21-06-2012

Creston, BC…  With the A Clear View ~ digital mammography campaign well underway, many different community initiatives have been brought to the attention of East Kootenay Foundation for Health. Most of these initiatives are directly to do with fundraising but a new and unique project is aimed at easing the pain of breast cancer patients.

Brigitte Langevin and Lorraine Covington of Creston decided to put their creative sewing talents to work and created The Creston Heart Project.

The original heart pillow concept was founded by Janet Kramer-Mai a registered nurse in the United States. The pillow is meant to be carried under the arm and reduces the pain from the surgical incision, protects against accidental bumps, helps ease edema, and relieves shoulder tension for breast cancer patients.

The brightly coloured pillows accompanied by a little note of inspiration are presented to patients at the time of surgery.

Brigette explains, “We are dedicated to The Creston Heart Project and put our efforts and resources into making pillows in the hope of easing the pain of as many breast cancer stricken individuals as possible.”

The Creston Heart Project is always looking for donations 100% cotton fabric to make these pillows, if you think you would like to help out please call Brigitte Langevin at 250 428-4259.