The joining of “Kin” results in $1,000 to A Clear View

Submitted by EKFH on 30-09-2011

L-R: Newly appointed President Crystal Kenyon of the Kin Club of Cranbrook is joined by EKFH’s Donna Grainger and Kin Membership Coordinator Anita Llewellyn to present a $1,000 gift to the digital mammography campaign

Details: Fun, leadership, personal development, pride in one’s community, importance of family, service work… caring about the world in which we live has been a long time credo for the Kinette & Kinsmen Clubs of Cranbrook.

Most recently the two groups decided to join forces and will now be known as the Kin Club of Cranbrook lead by President Crystal Kenyon. One of their first orders of business was to unanimously vote through a financial gift of $1,000 to be directed to East Kootenay Foundation for Health’s “ A Clear View ~ digital mammography campaign “.

“To have the Kin Club of Cranbrook step forward to be one of our lead gifts for the digital stereotactic mammography campaign is very moving and is a continuing testament to the efforts of their members,” explains Donna Grainger.

Be a part of the picture… have a clear view in the fight against breast cancer, please donate today at