2010/2011 Donor Survey Results

Submitted by EKFH on 22-06-2011 Analysis Donor Survey East Kootenay Foundation for Health 13 24th Ave N, Cranbrook, BC V1C 3H9 250.489.6481 or toll-free 1.877.489.6481 www.ekfh.ca   Survey sent to 355 East Kootenay donors with gifts given over $100   As of June 15, 2011: 75 returns – (21%)            Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree Do you see our Mission as vital and valid? “To provide funding to assist the East Kootenay Regional Hospital and other community health care facilities in meeting the needs of the region.” 53 19 1 1 1 Do you perceive us as being successful at carrying out that mission? 41 27 5 1 1 Have we earned and maintained your trust and respect? 49 19 5 1 1 Do you perceive the Foundation as efficient stewards of donations and resources? 43 26 4 1 1 Do you believe we are the right organization to address what we declare in our Mission Statement? 44 26 5 1 1   Excellent Good Average Fair Poor How would you assess the level of communication between you (donors) and the Foundation? 35 29 5 2 3 How would you assess the activity level of the Foundation and the community you live in? and in the East Kootenay as a whole? 45 24 4 1 2   Website Social Media Annual Report Printed Newsletter Email Newsletter What would be your preferred method of learning about the Foundation? 22 19 7 16 27   Monthly Giving Annual Gift Capital Campaigns Planned Giving (Wills) 3rd Party Special Events I (we) would like to receive more information on the following items (please ü all that apply). 1 8 18 3 13   CBK/KBY & Area Creston Elk Valley Columbia Vly Unknown Survey Results returned from which geographical area. 51 3   13 7   20-40 40-50 50-60 60-70 Over 70 Could you please indicate your approximate age? 5 9 24 27 11

  Additional Comments ·         Great job Donna! ·         Excellent work, congratulations! ·         Well respected, visible fundraising entity for our regional hospital. ·         Your administration deserves a great deal of credit for the good work they are doing. Thank you! ·         Keep up the good work! ·         We are fortunate to have Donna Grainger. Her efforts and hard work touch all our lives.  ·         Thanks Donna, keep up the great job you do on behalf of the EKFH.  ·         It is too bad that we need such organizations. The govt forces us to help in this manner through the lack of suitable funding. In the meantime, keep up the good work. ·         Excellent survey. ·         Awesome job Donna! ·         Ordinarily, I do not do surveys for any reason, however, I will make an exception here, although it is not very clear to me how this information will help boost your donations or change your direction. Certainly, when you spend time and $ to gather info, it should have a specific goal. For your first category, I would like to say that the fact that I give you money means that I do very strongly support and believe in the organization. The money is the proof! I do like to know what you’ve done with the $ and fiscal responsibility is a concern so some noting as to how much actually reached targeted goals is good (vs. administration costs). So please send limited info about projects and how the money is spent but no more surveys for me! Thanks for your work. ·         Valued part of our community network. Keep up the great work.  ·         Keep up the great work. ·         The foundation goes beyond any I have seen. Your profile in the community is one of the main reasons I have donated or estates are trusted to you. Donna Grainger is everywhere and probably the success of the foundation can be attributed to her. ·         We would like more information regarding the activities related to the EKFH, how we can help etc. without having to go to the website regularly. Thanks for asking. ·         Still to new to your organization to assess properly. ·         I heard you have very good board members doing an excellent job! Keep up the good work. ·         Very active in the community. Keep up the good work! ·         Keep up the good work! ·         Media & word of mouth are good communication tools as well. ·         Keep up the good work. I certainly appreciate your enthusiastic efforts in helping our hospital acquire equipment to give us, the citizens of Cranbrook and surrounding communities, the best of health care. Thank you. ·         You have an invaluable asset in Donna Grainger, your Executive Director.   Her energy enthusiasm and exemplary work ethic serve you well. ·         I didn’t know about your foundation until I inquired about it. ·         Keep up the good work. ·         Donna is doing a great job. ·         The only contact we have had is to donate to Cranes of Hope because of Rod Osiowy so do not feel qualified to answer rest of questions. ·         I primarily see the EKFH serving the needs of the regional hospital and thereby serving the needs of the region. I believe we must be cautious that we can provide a service to address all needs of the region and outside of the regional hospital. ·         We ©u – keep up the good work. ·         I am not familiar enough with the foundation’s work to answer the other questions. My donation was to h help with the emergency at Invermere Hospital ·         Great work!!! ·         The Power Pioneers feel you are doing a great job for the Kootenays. ·         More communication via a newsletter that we could read to our members would be better – let us know all the things the foundation foes – not to hear just when money is needed. ·         Keep up the great work. 

–     D. Grainger is a great asset to the foundation and its’ baord.  To meet needs of all     stakeholders, we need to be constantly changing as each new idea is recognized or identified.