EKFH & EKC appreciate “You the Stars” as Campaign Closes

Submitted by EKFH on 01-02-2013

CRANBROOK, BC… The brightly lit blue stars tinged with pink atop the East Kootenay Regional hospital are now turned off as the 5th annual Starlite Campaign for Excellence in Health Care comes to a close.

East Kootenay Foundation for Health and its star sponsor East Kootenay Community Credit Union (EKC) are absolutely ecstatic about the campaign’s end result with over $107,700.98 in generous donations honouring the campaign with support for the foundation’s general area of need and several restricted funds.

Diane Baher, Senior Manager, Cranbrook Services of EKC shares, “Congratulations to EKFH for another great Starlite Campaign. Through our member surveys our membership indicated they wanted EKC to support health initiatives. We have happily supported the Starlite Campaign for several years and have witnessed many East Kootenay residents benefit from the Starlite fundraiser. As usual I am amazed by the generosity of the East Kootenay residents.”

When the Starlite Campaign was borne EKC was with EKFH right at the start. Through their leadership of lighting the first star each year and providing $25,122 in sponsorship over the past five years definitely encouraged others to give. EKFH is extremely grateful for EKC’s commitment and for their dedication to the foundation’s work. This year EKFH was pleased to allocate EKC’s gift to purchase a Broda chair for the regional hospital’s third floor.

This 5th annual Starlite Campaign was focused on saing thanks not just for the success of the digital mammography fundraising goal being met but to each and every donor, big or small, who makes a contribution in support of health care.

The outpouring of support for this year’s campaign is almost unexplainable as the people and communities of the East Kootenay although facing some tough economic times continue to find it within to share their philanthropic spirit.

This year’s funds are being dedicated to a variety of areas including the general unrestricted fund, oncology, pediatrics, seniors’ care facilities, emergency and surgical departments, acute and intensive care, mammography, toys for the toys closet and even a new fleet of wheelchairs for the regional hospital.

EKFH and EKC sincerely appreciate “You the Stars” who continue to make a difference in health care. We look forward to lighting the stars again soon.

L-R: Diane Baher, Senior Manager, Cranbrook Services of EKC joins Sheilah, Donna, Linda and Brian from EKFH in celebrating the completion of the 5th Annual Starlite Campaign.