EKRH Respiratory Clients benefit from Previous Starlite Campaign

Submitted by EKFH on 07-11-2014

Cranbrook, BC…. EKFH’s Starlite Campaign is preparing for its 7th annual appearance later this month. In the meantime, many health care departments have started to receive pieces of equipment secured from donations from the 2013 campaign.

One such department is the East Kootenay Regional Hospital’s Respiratory Unit. EKFH recently purchased 10 cases of aerochambers for the unit. An aerochamber is a plastic tube with a mouthpiece that has a sealed end that attached to a metered dose inhaler. Inside the tube is a valve that controls the delivery of the inhaled mist of medicine. The aerochamber makes a whistling noise if it is not being used properly. This helps the user know that he or she needs to adjust their breathing effort. This aids in the effectiveness of the delivery of medicine into the lungs as well as ensuring the proper dosage.

“This is so fantastic for patients that are unable to afford them as aerochambers are crucial to the deposition of inhaled medications,” says Alison Lepine, RRT/CRE, and Community Respiratory Therapist. “We thank EKFH and its donors so much for giving our therapists the opportunity to help our patients manage their respiratory illnesses,” adds Lepine.

Donations to the Starlite Campaign support and strengthen health care in hospital and health care facilities in the East Kootenay. The 2014 Starlite Campaign will begin on November 28 and run through to the end of January. Donations can be made at your local hospital, on-line at www.ekfh.ca or by mail to EKFH, 13 24th Ave N, Cranbrook, BC V1C 3H9. For more information contact Donna Grainger at 1-877-489-6481 or 250 489-6481.


Alison Lepine, Jessica Bolivar, Cassaundra Dimarzo and Neal Panton