Oncology Received Unique Gift In Honour of our Mother

Submitted by EKFH on 14-06-2010

Cranbrook, BC June 1st, 2010

EKFH wishes to thank the Lane family for their financial donation, gorgeous picture and for sharing these touching words celebrating Lorrie’s life.

Details L-R: Ardelle Lane presents Val Paolini (RN Oncology) with a special memory painting from his grandchildren and a letter from his son’s family honouring his wife Lorrie who passed away in 2009. Personalized items such as these are welcomed by the Oncology team and leave a legacy of the power of the human spirit when families are touched by cancer.

“This letter is to explain a charitable donation made to the EKFH in memory of our Mother, Lorrie Lane, who passed away from cancer at the Cranbrook Regional Hospital on February 21, 2009. It is our intention to make this donation to the Oncology Unit at the Cranbrook Regional Hospital.

Every year our family makes a charitable donation in another family member’s name and this year my wife Cindy and I are making a donation in the name of my sister Patti and her husband Kirk Graham of Chandler Arizona. Over the years there have been many very worthy charities selected and this tradition has brought new meaning to our Christmases. Each Christmas a special time is set apart where gather and read each other’s charity letters and there are always many laughs and even more tears as we realize in some small way we have helped touch other people’s lives. This year however may be the most special of all.

In September 2008 our Mom, Lorrie, became very ill very suddenly. Tests were done and it soon became clear our Mom was battling a rare and serious form of colon cancer. Our Dad, Ardelle, who you of course know well from his volunteering at the hospital, and Mom were stunned by the sudden and drastic turn of events. Only a few days earlier our daughters Jaenjira and Alyssa, two of Mom and Dad’s 6 grandchildren has spent a few precious days with their Grandma and Grandpa at their trailer at Fairmont Hot Springs. Mom & Dad had hosted all their grandchildren, Zach Graham, of Chandler AZ., Phannary, Davmaney, and Bunva Priebe of Linden, AB at the trailer many times. The rest of the fall and winter of 2008/2009 was spent by Mom receiving cancer treatments at C.R.H. We were all very fortunate to have gotten to come home to have several special times together with Mom & Dad as we just needed to be together and show Mom support and tell them both how we loved them. On February 21, 2009 our Mom & Grandma passed away having so very bravely and gracefully battled the disease that has touched far too many lives.

You hear many tributes when loved ones pass away from cancer and it is now so clear to us all that words just can’t express what a wonderful Mother and Grandmother God blessed us with. The memories are many and so very good. We all owe so much of who we are and have become and are becoming to our Mom. We know Mom was an incredibly special lady who touched out lives and many lives of her literacy students at the college in Cranbrook, and her family and friends.

We know that all the staff at the Cranbrook Hospital gave exceptional care to our Mom and we want to say that we are very thankful and appreciative. It takes a lot of effort and empathy to work with cancer patients and their families and seeing Mom receive the care she did affected us all in a positive way. We know that the Oncology Unit at the Cranbrook Regional Hospital will make good use of our donation to h hopefully help many more families.

My Dad will be bringing a painting made by our daughters Jaenjira (9 years) and Alyssa (6 years) that shows them with their Grandma and we would be honoured to have it put up in the hospital as a tribute to our Mom and Grandma. Thank you.

Gold Bless you and your efforts,

Robin & Cindy Lane”.