Welcome to new EKFH Director – Mark Dickson

Submitted by EKFH on 22-07-2013

Mark has had extensive experience in the Financial Services industry – particulary in Waterloo, Ontario, where he was born and raised.  After a recent promotion to the role of Kootenay Financial Centre Manager with Sunlife, Mark and his family relocated to Cranbrook – a place quite different from Waterloo, but one that Mark has found to be abundant with charm and natural beauty. 

Mark’s areas of experience include leadership, compliance and operations, budgeting, strategic planning, fundraising and community involvement.

Since arriving in Cranbrook, Mark has been eager to to participate in a worthwhile cause.  He believes that helping to ensure that the EKFH continues to oeprate in an ethical and efficient manner is an excellent way to achieve this objective.  Mark’s goal as a member of the board is to consistently make strategically sound decisions that have the community’s and region’s best interests at heart.

As both a resident of the East Kootenay’s and a board member of the EKFH, Mark is a firm believer in the need to bridge the gap between provincial funding and the amount required to meet the area’s health care needs in a satisfactory way.  Access to quality health care is, after all, an essential part of a thriving, welcoming community. 

Mark Dickson and his beautiful family are already making a difference in their community.