EK Regional & Creston Hospitals benefit from RBC Foundation Gift

Submitted by EKFH on 08-04-2011

Cranbrook/Creston, BC… RBC believes in contributing to communities in which they operate, across North America and around the world. The RBC tradition of philanthropy dates back to its roots, with donations on record as far back as 1891. One hundred and twenty years later that philanthropic spirit still shines as exampled by RBC’s recent health care gift to the East Kootenay Foundation for Health.

Donna Grainger, EKFH Executive Director reports, “EKFH has been blessed with some exceptional funding support from the local RBC branch and its RBC Foundation. This year was extra special thanks to RBC branch managers Julie Chiste (Creston) and Merv Anderson (Cranbrook) who took time out to review and discuss with us some specific equipment needs for the Creston and East Kootenay Regional Hospitals.”

At the conclusion of these discussions the RBC Foundation presented EKFH with a cheque in the amount of $20,000 for the purchase of a ceiling lift for the Creston Valley Hospital and a Non-invasive Blood Pressure Analyzer (NIBP) for the East Kootenay Regional Hospital’s Bio-Medical department.

The ceiling lift at Creston is a great benefit to patients so that they can be lifted from the tub, floor, or bed, and lowered into a sitting or lying down position. It also improves safety transfer issues for the medical staff caring for those patients. The RBC $10,000 gift brings one out of the four lifts needed to realization.

For the Bio-Medical team located out of the East Kootenay Regional Hospital the NIBP device allows qualified Biomedical Engineering Technologists to calibrate and repair any patient monitoring equipment that performs NIBP measurements. This ensures the accuracy of the readings for the clinicians (from all the health care facilities in the East Kootenay), which gives them the confidence they need to make clinical decisions on appropriate patient treatment.

“An additional NIBP analyzer will certainly make our goal to provide excellent service to all of our customers more attainable,” shares Avril Sullivan, and Interior Health Bio-med Engineering Technologist. “Our department sincerely thanks the Royal Bank for its understanding the need for such types of technology and for its commitment to the East Kootenay Foundation for Health.”

RBC’s commitment to health care in the East Kootenay is very evident with now over $100,000 in financial donations given to the East Kootenay Foundation for Health since 2005.

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L-R: Donna Grainger (Executive Director) and Cindy Yates (Director) from East Kootenay Foundation for Health proudly receive a combined donation of $20,000 from Julie Chiste, RBC Branch Manager from Creston as Carolyn Zacharuk, Manager of Acute Services for Interior Health in Creston joins in. 






All smiles Avril Sullivan, Interior Health Bio-med Engineering Technologist demonstrates an example of a NIBP Tester as EKFH Board Directors Wes Rogers (left) and Colin Sinclair (right) accept a cheque of $20,000 from Merv Anderson, RBC Branch Manager in Cranbrook.