New Culturally Inclusive Mural unveiled at Creston Valley Hospital

New Culturally Inclusive Mural unveiled at Creston Valley Hospital

January 31, 2024

Staff at Interior Health, along with our partners within the community gathered at Creston Valley Hospital on Friday, January 26 for the unveiling of a new culturally inclusive mural.

Interior Health was able to collaborate with local Indigenous and non-Indigenous artists and a creative group in Creston called Arts Space, to craft the beautiful mural along the main hallway of the facility.

“It was important to the group who planned this mural that it should have a deep meaning to all people, regardless of their background. We want our Indigenous patients to walk down the hallway and see references that may mean nothing to me, as a Westerner. However, we also want the sky, mountains and water to be relatable to our non-Indigenous patients. As a whole, we want this mural to provide value to our hospital for future generations.” – Dr. Narine Kleinhans, MBChB MCFP (OSS)

“There is a difference between treatment and care. In western medicine, we take care of treatment for sure. But this mural reflects what care for patient is about. We believe that this mural will make patients, visitors and staff at Creston Valley Hospital feel more comfortable when they come here, especially those in need of support with their health and well-being.” – Walter Felitsyn – Director, Clinical Operations – Creston Valley Hospital

The mural has been in the making for more than five years and was created with the support of the East Kootenay Foundation for Health, as well as an Arts Council grant.

“This has been seven years in progress getting the hallway painted to get this amazing piece of art on display. It’s an incredible day.” – Brenna Baker, Executive Director – East Kootenay Foundation for Health

The mural was the combined effort of Marnie Temple, Allison Masters, Chelsea Luke, James Wallis, Raine Mynott, Renee Phypers and Wendy Tellier. All the artists involved were ecstatic to see their vision fully realized along the facility’s walls.

“This is an amazing project for me on a personal level. I had this amazing opportunity to meet with really great people that I didn’t know before. There’s a lot of goodness in here.” – Marnie Temple, artist

You can view the mural by visiting Creston Valley Hospital at 312-15th Avenue North.