Starlite Campaign 2019

Starlite Campaign 2019

Dear Friend of the East Kootenay Foundation for Health,

Cancer, coronary artery disease, kidney failure, dementia, infection… the best results come from early detection. This is imperative! The East Kootenay Foundation for Health is raising $1.2 million to purchase a SPECT CT. This advanced, life-changing piece of equipment will change the face of healthcare in the East Kootenay Region. Dr. Curtis Mohamed, MD Nuclear Medicine, explains the SPECT CT. “SPECT CT combines the 3 dimensional functional imaging of Nuclear medicine with the anatomical accuracy of CT. The merging of these modalities creates an advanced imaging technology that improves patient care by enhancing diagnostic accuracy”. Many medical conditions can be assessed by SPECT-CT including (but not limited to) staging and monitoring treatment in multiple forms of cancer (e.g., breast, prostate and lung); determining the extent of infection and monitoring therapy, and site-specific processes such as lung clots, kidney function and bone fractures. The SPECT CT creates 3D images. Improved diagnostic confidence will lead to the patient getting the best and most appropriate treatment for his or her condition.

The state-of-the-art SPECT CT scanner at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital will be the only equipment of its kind in the East Kootenay, providing faster, more definitive diagnosis of medical conditions. For patients, it will reduce the anxiety of waiting for a full diagnosis and the commencement of treatment, reducing time, money, travel expenses and stress. If your life has been touched by cancer, heart disease, renal failure, dementia, and the list goes on, you will truly understand the impact of having this state of the art diagnostic equipment. On behalf of the East Kootenay Foundation for Health, I invite you to be part of this very important campaign. We need your support to make this a reality. To help, we invite you to make a holiday gift to the EKFH, purchase a star and light the way to help the East Kootenay Region become a leader in health care.

Together we can save lives!

With sincere appreciation,
Brenna Baker Executive Director