Cranbrook, BC… The Kootenay ICE weren’t the only winners at the November 20th Kootenay ICE game against the Moose Jaw Warriors….. EKFH’s 8th Annual Starlite Campaign scored too thanks to generous hockey fans and the support of Snap’d East Kootenay and the Kootenay ICE organization.

EKFH volunteers wandered Western Financial Place on November 20th selling over 900 foam stars during the game. Some fans bought a dozen or more. Volunteers also collected donations and raised awareness about EKFH at an EKFH information booth. At the second intermission, the pucks were tossed onto the ice and 3 winners walked away with great prizes donated by the Kootenay ICE organization.  There was also an opportunity for fans to win a gift basket at the EKFH booth compliments of Coyote Jack’s and Snap’d East Kootenay.

$1400 was raised from the star toss and with a generous donation of $500 from the Kootenay ICE organization, $1900 was donated to EKFH’s 8th Annual Starlite Campaign. “Thank you to everyone who participated as a volunteer and to everyone who came out to the game. Congratulations to the Kootenay ICE for beating Moose Jaw 2-1 — it was a successful night for everyone,” states Patricia Whalen, Assistant Executive Director EKFH.

Chris Wahl, Director of Sales & Public Relations for the Kootenay ICE states; “It was great to partner with EKFH and Snap’d East Kootenay. The Kootenay ICE organization is happy to see that the event was a success. “

Janice Sommerfeld of snapd East Kootenay “snapd was proud to join forces with the hockey community to help give back and support those who need it most.  It was also great to be able to partner with EKFH again this year for another successful event.”

Stars On the ICE post event
L-R: Chris Wahl (Kootenay ICE), Patricia Whalen (EKFH), Janice Sommerfeld (snapd East Kootenay)

EKFH’s 8th annual Starlite Campaign is raising funds for regional and community health programs – EKFH’s fundraising goal is to raise $150,000 and light 17 large stars ($5,000 per star) and 24 small stars ($2,500 per star).  These programs are dedicated to helping those with arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, respiratory needs, and more or may require help with chronic disease management, home nursing, in-home oxygen,  wound,  senior, pediatric  and self-care programs.
The purpose of EKFH is to support and strengthen health care initiatives in the East Kootenay, EKFH is a leader in publically supported health care fundraising and practising responsible allocation of funds that ensure your money is going where it is needed most.

There are many other ways to give to EKFH, and all gifts are important. Whether you choose to donate during your lifetime, or plan a gift for after you have passed on, your donation will help support priority programs with EKFH. You may make your gift in support of general areas, or direct it towards an area that is of special interest or importance to yourself.  Help us support health care for families today and in generations to come! And don’t forget to like EKFH on Facebook.