“Mother’s Day Gift Basket Auction” for A Clear View @ EKRH

Submitted by EKFH on 03-05-2012 Cranbrook, BC…   When the calendar rolled over this month, an old adage “May can bring flowers and showers” was never more appropriate for the Diagnostic Imaging department at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital. This story is about a torrential downpour “of generosity” which comes to benefit of the A Clear View ~ digital mammography campaign.   Managers and staff of the hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging department are ecstatic about the potential of a new digital stereotactic mammography unit coming to their department. So much so that they decided to get involved in the fundraising effort by putting out a challenge to other departments throughout the regional hospital to get their teams together and create themed baskets which will be put up for public auction.   “I thought it would be a good idea to auction gift baskets for Mother’s Day. We received a very positive response from all the different departments, and as the baskets started arriving from the various donors, I was overwhelmed by everyone’s extreme generosity and wonderfully creative ideas. I am welcoming the public and staff to share in the celebration of the contributions being made and encouraging everyone to come to the hospital to make a bid,” says idea generator Anthea Gill, Professional practice Leader for Diagnostic Imaging at EKRH.   These are not small tightly wrapped baskets you see at many auctions; these department creations go far beyond the simple to a delightful array of themes that reflect the heart and soul of the individuals and teams who put them together all in support of others facing a breast cancer diagnosis.   The baskets will make their debut in the lobby of the East Kootenay Regional Hospital from May 7-11 from 10:00 am – 2:00 pm where volunteers will be encouraging bidders to remember that all proceeds are dedicated to the A Clear View ~ digital mammography two-year, $1 million campaign.    The highest bid will take home one of these coveted baskets:   1.       Lotions & Potions (Clerical Team – Diagnostic Imaging) 2.       Tisket Tasket Picnic Basket (Administration – Diagnostic Imaging) 3.       Green Thumb Gardner (Ultrasound – Diagnostic Imaging) 4.       Gourmet by Chef Mammo (Mammography – Diagnostic Imaging) 5.       All for Women’s Health (CT/General Radiology ) 6.       Tea Cozy (CT/General Radiology) 7.       Death by Chocolate (Operating & Recovery Room) 8.       Romantic Evening (Day Surgery, Ambulatory Care, Pre-surgical Screening & Booking Office) 9.       Local Goodies & Treats (Medical Device Reprocessing) 10.   Time for the Movies (EKRH Logistics) 11.   Spirits for A Clear View (Intensive Care Unit & Emergency Room) 12.   Pour Your Heart Out (Operating Room Booking) 13.   Think Pink (Human Resources & WIC)   The “Clear View” campaign is about all of us ~ our families, our friends, all deserving the best care.    By giving generously you are helping in two ways: your support will enable the East Kootenay Regional Hospital to become a center of excellence in breast cancer screening and, you will be supporting families and friends across the East Kootenay who may be facing a breast cancer diagnosis.   Be part of the picture… have a clear view, the ability to triumph begins with you.   For more information on the EKRH Gift Basket Auction or the A Clear View campaign call Donna Grainger, Executive Director for East Kootenay Foundation for Health at 1-877-489-6481, local 250 489-6481 or email: [email protected]

Managers and staff of the East Kootenay Regional Hospital Diagnostic Imaging department pose with a couple of the Mother’s Day gift baskets up for auction at EKRH the week of May 7-11.