RCL #24 Poppy Fund $11,088 for Starlite Campaign & ICU

Submitted by EKFH on 23-01-2015

Cranbrook, BC… EKFH’s annual Starlite Campaign and the focus on equipment for the regional hospital’s intensive care unit got a beautiful gift this past week.

The Royal Canadian Legion #24 is no stranger to showing its support to the foundation and its various fundraising campaigns. Recently RCL #24 President Clive Brown presented a cheque of $11,088 to EKFH. The donation is allocated to purchase a blood gas analyzer for the new 6-bed intensive care unit currently under construction at the East Kootenay Regional Hospital.

The equipment is used to analyze the red blood cells transport of oxygen and carbon dioxide blood gases throughout the body. The oxygen and carbon dioxide levels of the blood and pH balance of blood can indicate the presence of certain medical conditions, such as cardiac, lung or kidney disorders and the presence or status of other critical conditions such as uncontrolled diabetes, haemorrhage, drug overdose or shock.

RCL #24 witnessed incredible support during its annual poppy drive. With a focus on veterans and giving back to community, the local Legion and its members are making a significant impact in critical support for intensive care.

Your ICU needs you. The 15 month, one million dollar fundraising campaign is underway. Please consider making a donation at www.ekfh.ca.

Details: RCL #24 President Clive Brown presents EKFH Directors Russ Colombo, Sheilah Moore, Doug Frioult and Executive Director Donna Grainger with a leadership gift for the ICU redevelopment project.